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Reflexology by Robyn​



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Advanced Facial Reflexology

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Foot Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Hello. I'm Robyn Dawson, RCRT™ MAR  


I am a Member in good standing with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RCRT)-August 2020-present


Association of Reflexologists (MAR) as a Full Overseas Non EU Member-March 2021-present

I began Reflexology by Robyn with Thai Foot and Hand Reflexology on January 20, 2020 as part of a multi modality practice that included a mental health therapist, foot care nurse, body sugaring artist and more.

On April 26, 2020 I began the Reflexology Association of Canada's Core+ Foot Reflexology Course earning my reflexology certification on July 13, 2020 with passing marks of 87% for the written and 97% for the practical components.

In June of 2020 I relocated my practice to 618 Saskatchewan Ave W. 

In August of 2020, after challenging and passing the Reflexology Association of Canada's Core+ Foot Reflexology Course and passing their examinations with 97% written  and 96% practical, I became a Reflexology Therapist and member in good standing of the Reflexology Association of Canada.

I began the Hand Reflexology course in October 2020, but unfortunately due to the shut down,

 I was not able to complete the exam until February 2021, 91% written and 98% practical. 

In April of 2021 I took the Reflexology Lymph Drainage course offered by 

award winning Sally Kay from Wales receiving my Approved RLD Practitioner Certificate on July 7, 2021 .

I currently serve as secretary on the Board of Director's of the Manitoba Chapter of the Reflexology Association of Canada- November 2020-present.

As of June 2021 I am now an RCRT™ Examiner, providing a national standardized board exam to aspiring 

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapists wishing to join the Reflexology Association of Canada.

I am Certified in: 

Advanced Facial Reflexology -The Bergman Method- September  2021

Basic Facial Reflexology-The Bergman Method - September 2021

Angel Card Mastery- September  2021

Certified Card Reader- August  2021

Vagus Nerve Stimulation- August, 2021

Reflexology Lymph Drainage- July  2021

Facial Reflex Therapy- Sorensensistem- May  2021

Hand Reflexology- February  2021

Usui Reiki Master- October  2021

Foot Reflexology- July  2020

Thai Hand Reflexology- January  2020

Thai Foot Reflexology- January  2020

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